Literally the word YUYAY originates from the skill of mentally reproducing substantial or intangible matter and the capability of creating mental images of something percieved earlier or inexistent.

YUYAY Records is devoted to the remembrance of the myth-enshrouded tribe of the "Yskay'ntikuna" and investigates the obscure traditions of its kinsmen and their axiomatic scientific accomplishments by means of citing, reinterpreting and merging research of prime mathematicians; and in this vein creating eclective and descriptive electronic music.

The musical output fabricates auditory celestial journeys through ancient and cryptic constellations brought back to presence via a delicate fusion of amorphously edgy analogue central themes and mathematically precise digital processing.

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It has been written that the shortest and best way between two truths of the real domain often passes through the imaginary one; but is our mental image of space mathematically precise? Does actual space agree with our mental image?

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Gottfried Y. Leibniz

Gottfried Y. Leibniz
Gottfried Y. Leibniz

Sophus Y. Lie

Gottfried Y. Leibniz

Rey Y. Pastor

Magna Opera

YUY003-A    YUY003-B

[YUY004] Gottfried Y. Leibniz - Polyhistor
A1 Natura Non Facit Saltus
A2 Circumfluent Deduction
A3 Autodidactic Sun Ritual      (0011)
B1 Alphabet of Human Thought
B2 Palaeontologische      Determinante
B3 The Unconcious Mind
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YUY003-A    YUY003-B

[YUY003] Sophus Y. Lie - Kommutator Av Algebraer
A1 Anvendt Kvantemekanikk
A2 Forsvinnende

A3 Elementarpartikkel
B1 Uniformt Kontinuerlig Anemi
B2 Antici Calcul Indic Domin
B3 Nilpotent Lie-Algebra
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YUY002-A    YUY002-B

[YUY002] Rey Y. Pastor - Cosmografía
A1 Navegación Transsolar
A2 Stellar Constellation Embodiment
A3 Correspondencia Del Elemento
B1 Universes Being
     Repeatedly Created

B2 Portrayal Of The
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YUY001-A    YUY001-B

[YUY001] Gottfried Y. Leibniz - Dyadik
A1 Reliable Sun Ritual (0001)
A2 Twofoldness
A3 Pathway Beyond
     The Logic Gate
B1 Prominent Sun Ritual (0010)
B2 Leibniz'

B3 Bidual Monomorphismus
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Crude Facts

YUY001: "The Yskay'ntikuna tribe was located at a rather unknown territory in a bygone epoch. As did many ancient tribes, the sun was gloriously worshiped by all of the Yskay'ntikuna, which let them see the sun as their ultimate object of desire. Research by highly profiled scientists such as Gottfried Y. Leibniz has shown that the Yskay'ntikuna regarded the sun as the earth's core itself - or as the Yskay'ntikuna would describe it: their bijective image respectively. Thus knowing the path to the middle of the earth is equivalent to reach out for the sun." YUY002: "Tattered and worn out magnetic tape from mathematician Rey Y. Pastor referring to research regarding the Yskay'ntikuna has shown the magnificence of their cosmographic knowledge. Not only did the tribe know about the spherical shape of the earth, moreover - in another symbolism - they also had been familiar with the elemental compostion of the earth, its atmosphere and beyond." YUY003: "Surprisingly perhaps, the Yskay'ntikuna had already gained a high level of abstract mathematical skills. Thus their scientific investigations of substantial as well as of theoretic matter lead them to further insights on a variety of sciences; mathematics being their prime domain of accomplishments."
YUY004: "Resulting from observations of the movement of clouds and luminaries, the accurate and sound route to the core of the earth - the Yskay'ntikuna's path of enlightenment - is fulfilled by a special spiral through the earth crust. Astonishingly similar to the later described Fibonacci or golden spiral."

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External Research

_ >> SYGNAL[01] - From The YUYAY Expeditions Logbook
>> Click Picture to Play [1h01]

SYGNAL recieved:

"After gazing at the sun one last time we took off, chanting ritual songs to keep our spirits up, just like the Yskay'ntikuna used to perform. From the tribe's inscriptions we knew that if our mission was to be accomplished it would be by departing from exactly this point of the earth's crust." [...] "The darkness is overwhelming and seems illimitable, but so far technically everything appears to be stable. We're on what we think is the right course, the route of ancient celestial empowerment." [...] "Unexpectedly, we breached a massive block of what might have been big accumulations of metallic salts, bringing us to a grotto of vast magnitude, in which we discovered further inscriptions of the Yskay'ntikuna!" [...] "We deciphered the main part, consisting of a somehow cryptic warning of a 'GREEN CREATURE'. Disregarding the warning, we incautiously set course - after all it's certain now that we are on the accurate path."

_ >> SYGNAL[02] - From The YUYAY Expeditions Logbook
>> Click Picture to Play [1h07]

SYGNAL recieved:

"The information of the second part of the tribe's inscriptions we copied from the grotto is a rebus which we yet fail to solve. We have different cybernatic algorithms deciphering its complex structure as I write." [...] "Our instruments show unsteady and alarming densities of radiation in harmfull quantity. Source unknown. We ought to slow down." [...] "The main drill is suffering from a malfunction! A luminescent fog seems to be covering it with a green material. We have sent robotic units for analysing purposes. Whilst waiting, we notice the haunting beauty of the greenish shimering material. Pure magnificence. The robots are reporting that a plant-like organism is trying to conquer our vehicle, it is in the middle of devouring us!." [...] "Wrong conclusion, the plant established a symbiosis with our vehicle, illuminating our path while nourishing on our exhaust fumes. We're perplexed and astonished."

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